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A scene I have seen many times and always wanted to photograph: a flowering Jacaranda tree, a street lamp and the deep blue night sky. Somehow a stunning combination of colours…

Wall Calendar design and photography
3rd Nov 2010Posted in: Charity 0

To photograph and design DCH Animal Adoptions 2011 Wall Calendar was my favourite charity project of 2010! I loved taking the pictures, playing with puppies, kittens and horses and meet all those awesome people that put so much effort in rescuing and rehoming those animals. So, my dear friends, if you want to help too [...]

100 abandoned houses
22nd Jul 2010Posted in: Blog, Random 0

I found this page the usual way – while looking for something completely different on the www. The URL got me interested and I just couldn’t resist clicking: Come on! I dare you! All photographs featured are taken in Detroit, a dying city. It’s population has fallen from 2 million citizens to less than [...]

Wedding in Singapore (Paul and Michelle)
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This was a great wedding! The day was overcast and it was extremely humid but I guess that is just the way it is in Singapore – every day… I have been asked to take pictures of Pauls and Michelles special day, a beautiful couple that decided to get married after many years and 3 [...]

I got a new toy!
6th Jul 2010Posted in: Blog, Random 1

Not that new actually as I’m a proud owner of an iPhone ever since thy came out years and years ago … But then I kinda got stuck with the very first model until a couple of month ago. Now I finally got the 3Gs version and I’m very, very happy. May the iPhone 4 [...]

Ellie and her person
24th Jun 2010Posted in: Dogs 2

So here we go – the first post of “unpublished” pictures… May I introduce you to Ellie! 8 month old Aussie Bulldog puppy. That is the brownish dog. The black one is mine – Teal’c. I guess he will pop up here frequently as he is a professional model and likes to show of his [...]

Hello world!
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Now here I am with yet another blog! And what is the most difficult thing about a blog? The first post… Do I introduce myself? Do I write about why I want to write a blog or do I just start with a random post? I have decided on a random post just to let [...]